mercu kejayaan

mercu kejayaan

i wish i did that

i wish i did that and i really did ! rather than i believe i can't do that.. here let's look forward what we have been done in past.. no one knows our storyboard of life.. we can build a dream/hope to be like that, but who know, if without any effort of yourself, ITS NOTHING~ it's just like a bird fly over around the world without wings.. how could it be ?? just think nicely..

positively thinking for our success and for sake of Allah.. we can do that without feels fed up to proceed.. but the most important thing is our aim, our objective.. which is because of Allah SWT.. keredhaan Allah the top list.. so no wonder lah if a people without leg can walked, without see the nature of life can live in happiness and also can have own family.. (Baitul Muslim).. who our partner is secret of Allah.. =)

but then, don't stressful your self, be the one you wanna be.. be the best ever people in the world and for akhirat because of Allah.. the sake of Allah SWT, don't disobey any of the rule of Islam... subhanallah.. it's wonderful, seriously.. i feel it..=) wallahu'alam..

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